Friday, August 8, 2008

DDT's Ultrasound Results.....

are still abnormal. WTF?!!!

A little background - During my 20 week ultrasound (u/s) they noticed that DDT's left kidney was slightly enlarged. From that point on, I was getting an u/s almost every 2 weeks. The condition was identified as hydronephorsis. For some reason it is more common in boys and typically the issue resolves itself without any medical procedure.

Of course, DDT is not the typical child and we had to do surgery last August. It was horrible and had urine draining from his side. Disgusting huh?

In March of this year we did a renal scan to see if the condition had gotten better. Well the results showed it had improved but the issue was still there. Just a few weeks ago we did a regular u/s and today I received the results via postcard.

The u/s results are still abnormal and they want us to repeat the u/s in January. It brings tears to my eyes because I keep thinking what if we have to do surgery again?

The thing that sucks is that our pediatric urologist accepted a Chief position at Loma Linda hospital. I really liked him and he took the time to clearly explain everything so I am not sure what to do. I guess, I will wait it out until the January u/s and pray that it has improved even more.


ChiTown Girl said...

I'll be keeping DDT in my prayers. I know it'll all work out. Give him tons of hugs and kisses for me!!